Our offerings for learning Git and GitHub

GitHub offers classes of increasing skill level that introduce, instruct, and inspire Git and GitHub users to leverage every feature of the platform. If you are new to version control, Git, or collaboration workflows, the Foundations class is a great place to begin. If you have a working knowledge of Git but want to expand your understanding of the technology, try the Intermediate class. If you've used Git and GitHub for several months and want to explore its full potential, consider joining the Advanced class.

Our classes are offered in online and in-person formats.

Whether new to version control or just needing a thorough explanation of Git and GitHub, this class will help you grasp the concepts of distributed version control and effectively begin using the GitHub suite of tools. Explore both Git concepts and typical GitHub workflows through practical demonstrations.
Building upon your foundational knowledge of Git and GitHub, we'll help you leverage command line Git interaction skills. This class will showcase traditional collaboration workflows, branching and merging, undoing mistakes, and connecting with multiple remotes in a distributed working environment.
If command line Git use and extensive GitHub interactions are part of your routine, this class will enhance your productivity through instruction on the most advanced Git and GitHub features. We'll explore platform shortcuts, Git behavior customization, history manipulation, and tool integrations for more efficient collaboration.
GitHub offers a series of free online classes on a variety of topics, including an introduction to code collaboration on the GitHub platform, successful workflow patterns for code review, shortcuts for day-to-day efficiencies, and use cases for GitHub Desktop clients and IDE integrations.