Our offerings for learning Git and GitHub

GitHub offers a variety of classes, each geared for users with different levels of skill and experience. If you are new to version control, Git, or collaborative workflows, the Introduction to GitHub class is a great place to begin. If you've used Git and GitHub before and are comfortable with the command line, consider joining GitHub for Developers to explore its full potential.

Our classes are instructor-led and are offered in online and in-person formats.

So you signed up for GitHub. Now what? Whether you're new to version control or just need an explanation of Git and GitHub, this one hour class will help you understand the concepts of distributed version control and get started using GitHub. Get to know basic Git concepts and GitHub workflows through step-by-step lessons. This class is for people with little to no experience using GitHub.
GitHub is not just for developers. Project managers, tech writers, and other people who help build software can use GitHub to work with developers and with each other. Get an introduction to Git and GitHub concepts and learn how to use version control in your role without touching the command line. This class is for people with little to no experience using GitHub.
If you use GitHub on the command line every day, this two-part class will help you work faster and go further with GitHub tools and interactions. We'll explore platform shortcuts, Git behavior customization, history manipulation, and tool integrations. This class is for developers who use GitHub every day.
GitHub offers a series of free online classes on a variety of topics, including a refresher on using GitHub to work together, best practices for reviewing code with pull requests, shortcuts to save time, and when to use GitHub Desktop clients and IDE integrations. This class is for people who use GitHub regularly.