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GitHub offers free, short, topical online classes about GitHub, Git, and the union of these two technologies. We rotate through various topics every few months and are constantly looking to introduce new topics and concepts into the mix. Office Hours are free events following our free classes that allow any user of Git or GitHub to get answers directly from Git Experts.

  • GitHub & Git Free Class

    Location: Online

    Price: Free

    Topic: Using GitHub with Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, and Xcode

    If you're most at home in Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Xcode, this session is for you. In this short course, we'll look at the Git and GitHub integrations of these four popular IDEs and how the Git and GitHub vocabulary is slightly molded to fit the terminology of each working environment. In each IDE, we'll do a live walkthrough of cloning, creating, editing, committing, and visualizing repository history.

  • GitHub Office Hour

    Location: Online

    Price: Free

    Immediately following the free class, our trainers are available to answer all of your getting-started, technical, workflow, or best practice questions about GitHub and Git.


GitHub Help

If you just need a quick answer, GitHub’s help website is an excellent resource to keep bookmarked. It covers a range of Git topics from basic setup, all the way through to advanced topics.

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