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Meet the people who will help you succeed.

Matthew McCullough, GitHub Trainer

Matthew McCullough

Matthew McCullough has many years of experience teaching GitHub and Git courses. He is a co-author of O’Reilly’s Git Master Class, with Tim Berglund. He authored DZone’s Git RefCard, as well as the Git modules in “Jenkins: The Definitive Guide”.

“Matthew, this class was truly excellent. It may be the best online class I’ve ever attended.”

Bruce Tate
Brent Beer, GitHub Trainer

Brent Beer

Brent Beer is an experienced Rubyist with a passion for teaching Git to people of both technical and non-technical backrounds.

“Brent's technical support of the students in the class made it twice as awesome as I expected.”

Online Student
John Britton, GitHub Trainer

John Britton

John Britton is a developer and community builder, active in both open source and open education. As Education Liaison at GitHub he's working to improve computer science education by bringing the principles of open source into the classroom.

“John has a rare knack for keeping his audience engaged and explaining through examples.”

Alexey Komissarouk
Jordan McCullough, GitHub Trainer

Jordan McCullough

Jordan McCullough, a JavaScript and front-end developer by trade, has a passion for open source software and community-driven development. He enjoys applying his technical know-how and software development experience to crafting meaningful learning experiences with GitHub and Git Training.

“Jordan was able to help me through every one of my Git sticking points”

The Rich Web Experience Student
Peter Bell, GitHub Trainer

Peter Bell

Peter Bell is a veteran teacher who brings a Ruby on Rails and ColdFusion background to in-person classrooms up and down the North East US. He is also a published author in IEEE, Dr. Dobbs, and IBM journals.

“Peter makes hard topics seem easy through his patient and step-wise approach to teaching.”

NFJS Symposium Student